The World is our Classroom: Online Tutoring!

Learn from wherever you are in the world!

Majority of the students have lesser interest in Math and in Physics. I can help you in solving arithmetic problems, brain games and in understanding mathematical sentences. Teachers strive hard to bring back students’ interest in Mathematics and in Physics. The purposes of stimulating the student’s interest are:

  • attract students;
  • keep students active;
  • increase students’ enthusiasm for the course.

If the studying is not boring, the student will be keen to study and will be “happy” to study.

Solving Math (and Physics) problems is not easy! A lot of students have difficulty with Math/Physics questions. I will work with you in an environment to help you understand Math/Physics concepts better thereby ensuring that you are able to solve Math/Physics problems. So, get help FAST with your mathematics and physics questions!

Many students connect with personal teachers for conversation in any subject, on the web. There are many tutoring websites which provide such services at an affordable rates. The services are also good and available round the clock. One such company is BuddySchool, a company that has students all over the world and is one of the largest and reputed company in the field of education (another company is Tutorvista). provides help in all subjects like Math, Science, English, Statistics, History and so on. Teachers and students meet to study online; the teachers give a systematic explanation to solving problems in a step by step method and they are available round the clock 24 x7. They can get help with solving your homework problems.

Online tutoring

I have been looking at online tutoring adventures as I feel that I could help others to learn. This would be a different and interesting way to earn more money. You can chose to study through online learning, full time or part time. I answer your pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus and statistics homework questions with step-by-step explanations. There are a lot of online math calculators and solvers to help calculate and solve your exercises.

Why must you learn Mathematics?

Technology is everywhere around us, and you need mathematics to master it!




Most jobs need good math skills:

  • Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Scientists (The physical sciences require mathematics for the development of their theories) 
  • Software Developers
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Financial Officers
  • Investment Managers (Statistics provides the theory and methodology for the analysis of wide varieties of data) 
  • and more…

Mathematics is also useful in everyday life:

  • Investing money
  • Estimating costs
  • Shopping
  • Understanding Computers (the mathematics of error-correcting codes is applied to CD players and to computers)
  • Designing rooms and gardens
  • Planning journey(Voyager’s journey to the planets could not have been calculated without the mathematics of differential equations)

Math is not about reading pages (so don’t think “I read 2 pages today”): it is about building concepts in your mind. Thus, it is more important to know the ideas than to remember the formulas.

Scientists are inclined to believe that mathematics and the mathematical rules which underpin nature are universal, so that all intelligent races in space have at least this much in common. Since the fundamental properties of numbers are the same everywhere, these can be used as the basis of interstellar messages.The main reason for studying mathematics to an advanced level is that it is interesting and enjoyable.People like ist challange and the solutions of a problem has an excitement and a satisfaction. Let me first say that everyone studies differently and there is no one right way to study for a math class.

Whether you need answers to specific Math Problems or just some help before a Math test or quiz, I will help you.


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