Why are people so mad about iPhone?

Demand for Apple’s iPhone 6s is stronger in China than in most regions of the world.
Two Chinese men have attempted to sell their kidneys (seriously?) so that they could buy a new iPhone 6s.
A sperm bank affiliated with Shanghai Number 1 Hospital is offering the right candidates a new rose-gold iPhone 6s in return for nothing more than a simple sperm donation.

Why are people so mad about iPhone or any Apple product for that matter?

People have gone crazy about how awesome Apple products are. Once they start with Apple, it becomes very tough for them to change it to some other brand ( … I know for experience!).
However, the iPhones still pass for the most expansive popular handsets you can buy.
It’s not surprising some Apple fans think the latest model is too pricey!

So, how long do you have to work to afford an iPhone?

Londoners have to work an average of 41.2 hours to earn enough to buy the new iPhone.
A resident of Nairobi who would have to work for almost 486 hours for the latest iPhone.
In Italy, for example, students admit they just skip buying some textbook, saving money for iPhone.
They don’t purchase a textbook at least once because they find the price too high.
Contrary to expectations, technology is helping publishers and retailers reach new audiences.
Digital technology and the rise in the digital reading culture has allowed authors and publishers many more new creative opportunities to develop “the book” further and delight readers” says Anna Rafferty, until recently head of Penguin Books Digital.
With mobile devices, you can buy and download a book in seconds.
I published my first Kindle book, “The physics of…”, about a month ago, and I was having “decent” sales.  Half of self-publishing authors earns less than $500.
Writing is a profession where only a handful of successful authors make a very good living while most do not.
Do you think writing could be a dream job? It’s more like a horror film!
Writing is not a convivial business: it is frequently lonely and financially insecure: you are not guaranteed work, because the fact that you have written one good book is no guarantee that you will be able to write another one.
For me, writing is not a choice, but it is a calling.

How many copies must my book sell to be a bestseller? I don’t know!

I know that  I need to sell 500 copies or more to buy a new iPhone 😉


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