Just for bragging rights

There are many ways to make extra money.
If you are a writer and you’re thinking about making more and more money, you can stop worrying about it.
If the end goal is to make money, a book might not be the best tool: you can sell copies of your book and earn as much as a 70 percent return on each sale.
I’ve always to be brutally honest with you: in most cases, if you are writing your first book, you can expect to get an advance of $5.000.
Publishers will offer you a contract where you get 10-15% royalties off each sale.
The net amount is typically 50% of the book’s price.
After the writing and editing is done, you then have to start marketing and promoting the book.
If you can sell enough copies of the book in one week, then the book may qualify for bestseller lists.
If your book is a best seller, it all of a sudden gets more face time on book store shelves and other promotions.
Otherwise, it is extremely hard to create an instant bestselling book, unless you have a huge promotional platform.
For me, it’s hard to make a bestseller of science books ( … the problem does not arise in poetry), but I wanted to bet on myself.
I have written a book (you know its title, don’t you?) because I have had an idea that I was passionate about, that I wanted to share with the world.
Every creative person would benefit from writing a book and sharing it with the world!
I know that childhood dreams and fantasies rarely come true.
I didn’t want to let my book collect dust in a drawer never to be read by an appreciative audience.
For a long time, my book has been waiting in my heart for me to have the courage to publish it.
Now, I hope you’ll find a minute to read it and appreciate as much as I do it.
I hope you guys enjoy it. I tried my best (not –only– for money, just for bragging rights 😉

V. Mazzeo


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