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“The Physics of Black Holes” by V. Mazzeo


The history of black holes is an evolution both science and imagination. Although the physicist, who coined the term ‘black hole’, was John A. Wheeler in the 1960s, A. Einstein first predicted the existence of black holes in 1916 with his theory of General Relativity. For many years, black holes have been considered as a pure mathematical construction in General Relativity. The possible existence of black holes has always fascinated and perplexed scientists. In fact, black holes are among the most fascinating predictions of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. Today, we have indirect evidence for black holes, because they do not emit any electromagnetic radiation. However, Einstein’s theory of General Relativity tells us that they must emit gravitational waves. The detection of gravitational waves from cosmic inflation – if confirmed — may open a new chapter in cosmology. The idea to write this book, and the desire to do so, is an outgrowth of my sustained interest in black hole physics. This book provides students with basic information, and some additional knowledge about the effect of gravity, which is needed to understand black holes properly. It is designed for students who have learned the fundamental principles of astrophysics, as taught to undergraduates in Physics, and are prepared to explore substantial topics in black hole physics.
For this purpose, this book recovers basic topics – such as the equivalence principle, the Jeans instability, and the gravitational collapse – and introduces others – such as the Hawking radiation, the QNMs, and the Penrose process –, making them accessible at undergraduate level.
My aim has been to develop the mathematics in a comprehensive (and rigorous) way, while at the same time keeping to a minimum the prerequisites needed for reading this book. However, a rudimentary knowledge of linear algebra and differential geometry is needed.
I have tried to present the mathematical theory of black holes in a form that might be useful for students who would like to investigate the black hole physics.
I have tried to break down the topics in a way that will help students to understand black hole a bit better…

At least I can say that I have tried!

Valeria Mazzeo

Ps. “The Physics of Black Holes” is just published. You can buy it on Amazon (Kindle edition). I am grateful for your interest and your support. Thank you so much. This book will be available for free this weekend (on 21-22 November). Enjoy your reading!

It wants to break free!

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My kindle book, “The physics of…”, wants to break free: free from prejudices (never to judge a book by its cover!), free from stereotypes (physicists aren’t nerdy, socially awkward and intolerant).
People often have preconceptions about almost everyone they meet and there is probably no reason why physicists would be any exception to that rule!
Today, the popular perception of scientists is that they are hopeless awkward and consumed in their work that they lose touch with reality. This is not really the case. Perhaps, cultural stereotypes making women too nervous to study subjects such as physics and maths.

Why do so few women choose physics?
If women do not believe they have the ability to become a scientist, they will choose to be something else.
Fortunately, the number of women in science is growing. There are plenty of women writing about science, but their names rarely make it onto bookshelves. I like being a woman, even in a man’s world.
I’m only aware of how hard it can be to market my book successfully. Amazon is the first place book-buying customers turn to for information on all sorts of new books and the success in self-publishing is all about discoverability.
I’d like to write the next book instead of promoting my book, but I need to get to know myself as a writer, with the only purpose of telling you my passion, my work. One of the most compelling reasons to write a book is to share the creativity.
I hope you will download and read my work and, if you know people who have read my book (including colleagues and friends), consider asking them to write a review of it (clearly I can’t count the reviews from my friends and family…).

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